second picture of one of my maps in The Show
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second picture of St.George
After 2 years of development, the TacticalOps:Crossfire modification for UT2k4, a recreation of the original TacticalOps on UnrealEngine 2, finally has been released in April 2006. In only one month I've created in collaboration with finnish modeller Risto "RestCreW" Jauhiainen a map for this release. Inspired by the Saint George's monastery in Israel, this map offers a lot of z-axis gameplay in an unique setting and uses advanced mapping techniques, like lightmapped meshes.

I'm working since ages on an urban map for the Domain 2049 mod for UT2k4, but I haven't managed to finish it yet due to reallife stuff and the commercial work mentioned below. :(
The high level of the current maps, set by exceptional mappers like Stefan "S-Dot" Doetschel and Cormac "Codo" Donnelly, assured that the mod made it into the grand finals of the $1,000,000 NVIDIA MSU-Contest.
Give it a try:

edit: page is down, go to the moddb page of Domain2049 instead

In 2003 and 2004 I have been designing levels for two commercial projects: the first person shooter Gotcha! (PC & XBox) and the 3d strategy game Emergency 3. Both were developed by Sixteen Tons Entertainment and are using the Trinigy Vision game engine (formerly known as Vulpine engine).

second picture of TO-Ambush
second picture of TO-Toscana
second picture of TO-Scope
second picture of TO-Chiesa
The maps from the screenshots above were made for Tactical-Ops, a game which started as modification for Unreal Tournament, but was released as retail game by Infogrames in 2002.

TO-Scope is a default map for the game, the others can be found in one of these mappacks:

In the mid-nineties I came across the doom level editor DEU and was immediately fascinated by its possibilities. As time and computing power progressed, I've worked with various other editors, including Build (Duke Nukem 3d) and Worldcraft (Halflife 1), but got stuck to the various versions of UnrealEd in the end.