fellow mappers:
Stefan Doetschel (S-Dot)
Mark Mussler (somb]i[)
Gerhard Weihrauch (ScHlAuChi)
Risto Jauhiainen (RestCreW)
Michael Stock (Smoerble)
Nicolas Demond (Pere-Fouetard)
Rogelio Olguin (desperado#2)
John Falgate (AngelHeart)
Sjoerd De Jong (Hourences)
David Muennich (DavidM)
Michael Becker (MooN)
Sascha Urbanek (Fjonan)
Bernd Reintgen (cg-byte)
Philipp Lossack (flipmode)

digitally imported radio
broadcasting 24/7 trance, house and classical from new york
3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers
check out the huge user gallery too
more cg wallpapers
mainly landscapes with trees
if you're interested in 3dsmax, maya, photoshop or unrealed, you should really take a look at the video-tutorials on this site
registration is free, you can find them under downloads
a forum for digital visual effects professionals
the "gallery/finished work" section contains very impressive artworks
i'll simply quote the page:
"the fastest growing, most popular and most exciting online art community"